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Blessings, and welcome to the Janeway/Chakotay Shrine! We are undergoing renovation--please watch your step.

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to the Shrine since March 10, 1999.

11/7/99 - I have a new wolf guardian! The old one disappeared unfortunately. I named the new one Shauli as well and you can see her below. I adopted the "new" Shauli from The Dark Forest.

This is Shauli, my wolf guardian. She is the Shrinekeeper's assistant, keeping watch when I am occupied in other things, guarding the doorway against intruders and above all, she is the guardian of the love between the Great Warrior and his mate.

The list:

About the Shrinekeeper
Why the great couple should be Not up yet!!
The sacred tales
My dedication to the Great Warrior
Paths beyond the Shrine

The Shrine Records (guestbook)

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Star Trek Voyager, The Great Warrior, His Mate Lady Kathryn and others whose names you recognize belong to Paramount Pictures. Images are also copyright of Paramount. The Shrine itself, the tales and the idea are all my own. No copyright infringement is intended. The tales have been written for the enjoyment of devoted visitors and for my own enjoyment as well. Characters whose names you don't recognize (i.e. children of Chakotay and Kathryn) are my own creation and my property and they are not to be used without my permission. Any questions--email is below.

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