Choose a tale from the Shrinekeeper's works:

The Chute (J/C version)
-- What if Janeway and Chakotay had been the prisoners in "The Chute"?

Neverending Love
-- Takes place after "The Gift". While exploring a desert planet, the away team finds a mysterious circle. Strange things begin to occur, and Kathryn confesses her love.

Falling Into You
-- "Hunters" coda. Mark married someone else. (bwhahaha!) At Neelix's cheer-up party, a few unexpected things happen between our captain and commander.

Fields of Gold
-- Set after Voyager makes it home. 1st person from Kathryn's POV as she looks back on her years with Chakotay.

"Kathryn's Rainbow" series

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Shrinekeeper's Note: "First Glance" part 7 and "Kathryn's Rainbow" 5 ARE in the works, I promise. I'm requesting that there be a slowdown in screaming emails. :-) Not that I don't appreciate getting email, just that the more of them that say "if you don't finish soon, I'm going to go mad!", the more guilt this poor Shrinekeeper feels! ;-) I am working, I promise! (and Kadith, you can just shut up that snickering in the corner! ;-)